Summer is on the way – make sure you lock up!

Summer is on the way…

As the warm weather is coming over the next couple of months, there the Manchester weather is looking set to bring hot hot hot weather! Although it is great to lock up your house and get away for long weekends, hospital breaks and holidays, we at Able Entry Locksmiths see a spike in home burglaries due to property owners not locking up properly or taking the right precautions when it comes to securing your home or business.

The best way to ensure that your home has the protection required is to book in for a locksmiths Manchester home security survey. This quick survey that we provide takes around 15 minutes and we can tell you if your window locks, door locks, garage and general security are in the right order.

Lastly, the best news you can get from a Manchester Locksmith is to make sure you get in touch with your neighbour and let them know you are going away, ask them to park their car on your drive and don’t push the fact you are going away all over social media (as impossible that might be!). However, most of all, have a great summer from all at Able Entry Locksmiths Manchester.

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